Zulu, our Pointer girl, Sharnphilly Drama Queen of Zuliquorish, is 5 years old.  We bought her as a puppy from the Sharnphilly Kennels in Essex.  Her mother is the stunning Darcy, “Show Champion Sharnphilly Complimentary”, and her sire is the gorgeous Dudley, “Sharnphilly Just a Breeze”, who we fell in love with right away.  His owner commented that he is so soft, a four year old could take him for a walk.  We knew what she meant as he came over for a cuddle and put his huge paws on my son’s lap. Zulu is just like him- soppy as soppy can be!  She is funloving, loyal and affectionate and gets along great with Mojo, our Dalmatian. They run and play together and often sleep together.  Zulu is in her element chasing around in the long grass, catching the scent of Pheasant and Grouse and doing what she know best- pointing in the true Pointer style.

We breed only occasionally and take pride in breeding from the very best healthy stock from a long line of Show Champions and fantastic examples of the breed. Zuliquorish puppies are raised to be healthy, well balanced dogs with both good looks and lovely temperaments.

Zulu had a litter in 2014.  Sire to the puppies was the famous Show Champion Kiswahili Martin at Kanix who is the Pointer dog breed record holder with 29 Challenge Certificates to his name.  He was Best of Breed winner at Crufts in 2014.  Martin has a lovely temperament and both Zulu’s and Martin’s pedigrees compliment each other. Both parents are superb examples of the breed, have fantastic temperaments and outstanding pedigrees. Puppies out of the litter were given the best start possible in life. They went to homes around the country from Salisbury to the Kent coast. Several of the owners have become friends on Facebook and regularly put up images and videos of their litter mates who are "loved to bits".

Zulu has recently been to Martin for a repeat mating so, hopefully, we should have a litter of puppies born end Nov/early December 2015.  More details will soon be added on the Puppies Page.

For more information about the Pointer visit our Pointers page