Images of our lovely Pointer, Zulu, and one of her sons, Merlin.

The Pointer

Pointers are part of the Gundog group and were bred to point birds. In the States they are commonly know as “the Bird Dog”.  They are an amazing, athletic breed suited to active families or individuals who love the outdoors.  Our Pointer, Zulu, loves charging around the fields and long grass in search of birds and wildlife. Once she catches the scent of a Pheasant or Grouse, she looks a picture in typical Pointer stance, still and alert, waiting to make her move.  Although not a trained working Gundog, the natural instinct is there and she makes it obvious what she was bred for.  Once back home Zulu is a real "couch potato". She loves lying close to her kennel mate, Mojo, and just chilling. She is very laid back, yet unbelievably loyal and affectionate with a strong desire to feel part of "the pack". She is just plain soppy and wants to please.

Pointer puppies can be boisterous and take on a "Bambi" look as they grow, making them appear clumsy in a charming way. They have boundless energy and regular exercise is important to a Pointer both for his fitness and wellbeing. They make ideal companions for those who like walking, running or mountain biking. Being an easy going breed, fitting into a family life is generally easy for a Pointer.  They are a pleasure to have as part of the family.


Zulu at the seaside