Mojo on a summer evening


Mojo has turned out to be the Dally I had always dreamed of owning. A long time ago, I decided to buy either a well-bred Dalmatian or a Dobermann. I had also considered a Pointer. I love all three breeds, but finally decided on a Dobe.

For many years I owned, showed and judged Dobermanns.  One Dobe I owned was Champion Ranlor Circuit Breaker (Rab), who was a dog in a million. I always knew the one day I would get the Dally I had always dreamed of. After losing my last Dobermann at fourteen and a half, I knew the time had come to get my long awaited Dally.  I searched and searched and finally found out about a mating between Champion/Irish Champion Tollwood Lionel at Kilndandy and Fincham Light Mist. It was the ideal match I had been looking for. I booked a bitch puppy before the litter was born and was promised pick of the litter. Out of a litter of eleven, I picked out Mojo. Construction wise, she was so well balanced and just what I had been looking for. To add to that, Mojo is a fun-loving girl with a lovely temperament.

Mojo posing for the camera at the nearby ruins
A Dalmatian never changes its spots!